CPR Certification

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CPR training is an essential standard for anyone who may find themselves in a situation dealing with a medical emergency.

Our CPR courses will certify you to a Red Cross Level C standard, (including AED training). In addition to having this potential life-saving skill, this is also a required ticket for many employers.

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  • This is a Red Cross CPR "C" Certification course. The course will start at 4 pm on the evening of the scheduled date.

  • The CPR course held on May 5th will be held at the West Vancouver Cricket Club, located at 1290 Third Street, West Vancouver, BC.

    The classroom location is just off the north side of the Trans Canada Highway, on the west side of the Capilano River. Please check out the map below for the specific location:

  • Canada West Mountain School Medical Disclosure Form - CWMS MEDICAL form

    Canada West Mountain School Waiver - CWMS Waiver

    Please bring a printed copy of each form to the first class.