Mountain Navigation

Map reading

The navigation skills taught on this course will allow you to safely find your way using Map and Compass skills, as well as navigation techniques specific to travel in mountainous terrain. This course focuses on the application of map reading, GPS, compass use, orienteering, route planning and navigation. A pre-trip evening session covers map & compass theory and navigation fundamentals.

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  • Please note:The Mountain Navigation courses all have an essential class theory session held on the Thursday evening prior to the Saturday Field day. This class session is held at the Canada West Mountain School class in North Vancouver

    The first evening classroom session will run from 7 pm till approx. 10 pm. This session will thoroughly cover all aspects of map reading, basic navigation theory and introduction to GPS and compass use.

    On the field day you will meet with your group at the pre-arranged trailhead at 0800. You will usually spend the first 1-2 hours learning and refining compass skills (how to take bearings, determining position, re-section and triangulation) and practicing practical map reading skills here. After this session, you will head out on a short hike (1-2) hours in order to practice route finding skills, following compass bearings and identifying terrain and geographical features.

    The afternoon is typically spent traveling through terrain with high vantage points and working on various map and compass skills, as well as learning a variety of techniques for traveling in off-trail terrain.

    You will return to the trailhead at around 4:00 pm. After a short wrap-up and question session, the course will finish at around 4:30 pm.

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