Seminar – Injury Prevention w/ William Bateman

We’ve all suffered from overuse injuries. They can be debilitating, painful, and a constant frustration. Learn to identify how climbing form breaks down, what are the problem areas in your training programs, how to address them and how to get your correct form back. Prevent injuries from creeping up. This is a hands-on workshop so come prepared to move your body!

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FREE! Please pre-register online here, no payment or credit card required.
Saturday July 22nd from 11:00-12:30
Maximum of 40 people per seminar
  • This seminar is FREE, please pre-register online here. No payment or credit card required.
  • Location of the Free Academy Educational Seminars will be at the Squamish Junction Park, in downtown Squamish

  • William Bateman is a physiotherapist living in Squamish who owns and operates, a clinic and website designed to help climbers recover from and prevent injury, and overcome performance plateaus.