Fast & Light Alpinism with C.A.M.P.

Fast and Light Alpinism is an advanced clinic designed to help alpinists pursue bigger objectives without sacrificing safety or speed.  Working with professional climbing athletes and in association with CAMP, renowned for making some of the lightest alpine climbing gear available, your day will be spent in the alpine going deep into the skills, strategies, and tactics that help distill the big mountains down to manageable objectives that we can climb faster and safer, ultimately allowing us to set our sights even higher.


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  • This is an Intermediate/advanced clinic and all participants must be physically fit to spend an entire day moving in the mountains

      At least 1 year of outdoor climbing experience is required, climbers in this clinic should have:
    • Experience with outdoor climbing (lead or seconding)
    • Ability to comfortably climb 5.8 or higher
    • Experience belaying and rappelling

  • Learn the essentials for quick and safe travel in the Mountains:

    • Assessing and navigating alpine terrain
    • Managing rope systems and gear
    • construction and assessing Alpine anchors
    • Choosing the right gear for the job: Where to sacrifice and where to make no compromises

  • The CAMP Fast and Light Alpinism Clinic will be held in the alpine areas surrounding Sky Pilot mountain, above the Sea to Sky Gondola. The team will meet with their Guide/Athlete at the Sea to Sky Gondola and use the gondola for access. The Sea to Sky Gondola is located about 5 minutes south of Squamish on Highway 99, see a Google Maps link here - Sea to Sky Gondola

    Here is the Google Maps location:

  • The Fast and Light Alpinism Clinic is conducted by CAMP Athlete and ACMG Guide Josh Majorossy.

  • The CAMP Light and Fast Alpinism clinic will start at 8:00 am on Friday, August 27. The team will meet with their Guide/Athlete at the Sea to Sky Gondola to prepare for the day. The Sea to Sky Gondola is located about 5 minutes south of Squamish on Highway 99, see a Google Maps link here - Sea to Sky Gondola

    The Sea to Sky Gondola fees are not included in the Clinic cost and must be pre-purchased online at Sea to Sky Gondola lift tickets if you do not have a pass already.

    After a morning meeting and gear check, you will load the Gondola when it opens at 9:00 am. From the top of the Gondola, the approach to the Sky Pilot region is about 2 hours. You will spend the day in the alpine region on and around Sky Pilot.

    The Fast and Light Alpinism Clinic will run until approximately 6 pm.

  • Clinics will proceed regardless of weather, every participant should be prepared for a full day outdoors in any/all conditions.

    The recommended gear list for your Clinic is included below. Some Clinics may require additional gear, please check your clinic description, and if in doubt, bring any extra gear you think may be relevant. Please contact the Canada West Mountain School office if you have any questions about specific gear requirements for your clinic.

    Arc'teryx also provides a great online Virtual Advisor service to assist in preparing for your clinic and any other adventures - Arc’teryx Virtual Advisors. Book your 15 or 30 minutes chat with an Arc’teryx product guide to ensure you have all the right gear to keep you comfortable and protected – whatever the weather.

      Minimum Personal Equipment (for Alpine Clinics only)
    • Footwear: lightweight mountaineering boots suitable for accepting a mountaineering crampon
    • Daypack: big enough to hold all your gear and food, plus climbing ropes and equipment
    • Outer layer rain jacket: lightweight rain jacket w/hood, the weather can change quickly!
    • Comfortable active-wear: clothing layers suitable for climbing in a variety of weather conditions
    • Puffy jacket or sweater: it can be cool and damp in shady areas or in the wind
    • Gloves: insulated gloves with leather palms are best for working with ropes and in the snow
    • Insulated hat/toque: you will be out in any/all weather at elevations up to 2,000+ meters
    • Sunscreen: minimum recommended is 30 SPF
    • Insect repellent: keep separately in a Ziploc bag as it will damage ropes and synthetic materials
    • Personal kit: small kit with basics as needed. Instructors will have group 1st Aid Kits
    • Drink bottles: minimum 1 litre or more, no water is available in the climbing areas
    • Lunch & snacks: you will not be able to return to your vehicle or a restaurant for lunch.
    • Covid-19 kit: mask, or reuseable face covering; and, hand sanitizer.
    • Misc. personal items: camera, journal, sit pad/collapsible chair, etc.
    • Sunglasses: ideally with full wrap to provide good coverage on snow in the alpine
    • Walking pole: (optional) 1 collapsible pole can be useful on the approach and descent. Must be able to store in your pack.

      Minimum Technical Equipment (required)
    • Crampons fitted to your boots: Crampons are supplied by CAMP for this clinic if needed
    • Ice Axe: Mountaineering Ice Axe supplied by CAMP for this clinic if needed
    • Climbing harness: rentals available with minimum 24 hrs notice*
    • Helmet: rentals available with minimum 24 hrs notice*
    • Rock climbing shoes: rentals available with minimum 24 hrs notice*
    • 2 locking carabiners: rentals available with minimum 24 hrs notice*
    • 1 belay device: rentals available with minimum 24 hrs notice*
    • 1x 120+ cm sewn sling or other safety tether/leash/PAS: rentals available with minimum 24 hrs notice*

      Additional Equipment for Advanced clinics (optional, bring it along if you have it)
    • Trad lead rack: for all Trad Lead, Alpine and Multi-pitch clinics
    • Quick Draws: for all Sport Lead clinics
    • 7 mm Cordalettes (2 x 5 meters): for Rescue clinics, also good for Alpine and Multi-pitch clinics
    • 6 or 7mm Cordalettes (1 x 1.5 meters): rappel prussik for Rescue, Alpine and Multi-pitch clinics
    • 1-2 extra locking carabiners: for all Rescue, Trad lead, Alpine and Multi-pitch clinics
    • Rescue pulleys, ascenders, ratchet-pulley’s, etc.: for all Rescue, Alpine and Multi-pitch clinics

    (*) Starred items may be rented from Canada West Mountain School with a minimum of 24 hours advance notice. Please complete this Equipment Gear Rental Request and follow up with our office support staff directly by e-mail at -, with "Academy Clinic Gear Rentals" in the Subject line. Each item is $5/day, or $15/day for a complete kit (includes all starred items).

  • What you will learn
    During the Fast & Light Climbing Academy Clinic you will cover a variety of skills and techniques through a combination of demonstrations led by clinic Athletes and Guides; hands-on practical application; and, engaging and informative Q&A sessions throughout the day.

    Participants will have ample opportunity to practice new skills and techniques as well as engage directly with the clinic Athletes and Guides. Specific skills and techniques covered include:

    • Alpine climbing strategies and considerations
    • Lightweight gear pros/cons
    • Route finding (ascent and descent)
    • Gear selection and choices
    • Terrain transition considerations