Crevasse Rescue

This technical Crevasse Rescue course is ideal for Skiers and Mountaineers who want to strengthen their Glacier travel and Crevasse Rescue skills. You will spend one day in Squamish learning advanced rescue skills and rope techniques applicable to all rope rescue systems, followed by a 2nd day in an alpine region adjacent to Blackcomb Mountain or on Mt Seymour in order to apply your rope rescue skills in an alpine environment.

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1:6 Instructor to Participant Ratio
Includes all technical equipment

Program dates are selected below. Private dates also available, contact us for details on arranging a Custom Crevasse Rescue course.

Pre Requisites:
Winter Dates
Intermediate ski ability with backcountry skiing experience, Basic rope handling skills - knots, belays, use of harness, etc.
Summer dates
Previous climbing or mountaineering experience, and experience traveling with crampons on.
Lift Access (1-day)
Avi Kit (1-day)
  • $275.00
    The course cost includes:

    • 2 days of Instruction by members of the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides
    • All technical equipment required

    Participants on the Crevasse Rescue course are responsible for:

    • All personal gear and clothing suitable for mountain and winter environments
    • Transportation to/from the course areas (Squamish and Whistler)
    • If the Day-2 Field Session is held on Whistler/Blackcomb, lift access is required. This is $62 + GST and is not included in the course fee.
    • food and drinks for both field sessions
  • Program dates listed below. Private dates also available, contact us for details on arranging a Custom Crevasse Rescue course.

    Ski-Based course dates, 2018/2019:

    • November 24-25
    • December 1-2
    • December 15-16
    • January 12-13
    • January 26-27
    • February 16-17
    • March 9-10
    • Mar 30-31

    Mountaineering-based course dates, 2019:

    • May 25-26
    • June 8-9
    • July 6-7
    • Aug 10-11
    • Aug 24-25

    • Previous climbing or mountaineering experience
    • Experience traveling on non-technical terrain with crampons on (summer course dates)
    • Intermediate ski ability with backcountry skiing experience (winter course dates)
    • Basic rope handling skills - knots, belays, use of harness, etc.
  • The Crevasse Rescue Course is for Skiers, climbers and mountaineers. This training program is designed to teach a variety of "tried & trusted" crevasse rescue techniques that are currently used in the Mountain Guiding industry. All techniques taught reflect the most recent developments and research in the rescue industry. Of course, we also ensure that the skills taught are appropriate to all levels of recreational skiers, climbers and mountaineers.
  • The first day of the Crevasse Rescue course will be a technical rope skills and systems session held in the training bluffs in Squamish, BC, about 1 hour drive north of Vancouver. The 2nd day will be held in the glaciers above Whistler, or in the alpine region of Mount Seymour Provincial Park. Alternate locations may be used depending on alpine and weather conditions at the time of the course.

    Participants are responsible for their own transportation to and from both Squamish on Day-1, and Whistler or Seymour on Day-2. We encourage participants to ride-share and rarely have had any problems with students getting to and from courses, but we cannot guarantee that a ride will be available. If you have any concerns about transportation please contact our office before you register.

  • The key focus will be on 3 areas:
    Glacier travel risk management practices.
    Simply put, ensuring skiers, mountaineers and climbers have the skills to properly rope up for different types of glaciated terrain and choose appropriate routes to avoid falling into a crevasse.

    Snow and Ice anchor construction
    This is truly the foundation of any rescue, and climbers should be very proficient in building a variety of anchors appropriate to varying conditions.

    Rope rescue systems
    The main content of the course and most of the time is spent on learning and practicing rescue techniques including load transfers, raises using a mechanical advantage (pulleys), efficient use of gear and ascending/descending techniques.

    The course will start in Squamish on Day-1 at 8:00 am at a pre-arranged meeting location. The first day will be held in a variety of teaching locations in and around Squamish and will wrap up around 4:30 pm.

    Day-2 will be held in an Alpine region of Garibaldi Provincial Park adjacent to Blackcomb Mountain ski area (winter ski-based courses and summer mountaineering course dates); or, on Mount Seymour (May-June mountaineering-based course dates). Students will meet in Whistler Village or at Mount Seymour at 8:00 am at a prearranged meeting location. This will be a full day in the alpine and participants should expect to return around 5:30 pm.

  • WINTER Crevasse Rescue Course Gear List: - Canada West Mountain School WINTER Crevasse Rescue Course Gear List

    Here is a link to the SUMMER Crevasse Rescue Course Gear List: - Canada West Mountain School SUMMER Crevasse Rescue Course Gear List

    In addition, Canada West Mountain School supplies all other technical and safety gear. Please go over the list before the course to ensure that you are properly prepared and feel free to contact our office if you have any questions. Keep in mind that you will be spending all of your time outdoors in all weather. Much of your time will be spent on snow, with temperatures ranging from -20 on Winter courses, to +25 on Summer courses. The weather can vary from one extreme to the other, so plan your gear appropriately. It is recommended that you also have a set of spare street clothes for the end of the course after you have left the mountains.

    If you require rental gear, please ensure that you arrange this with a rental agency well in advance of your course date!

    Here are a few stores in the region that supply good service and quality outdoor equipment. If you need to purchase or rent equipment, please contact the store well in advance of the course to ensure that what you require is available!

    Valhalla Pure Squamish
    Station Square, Squamish 604-892-9092 (rentals available)

    Mountain Equipment Co-op
    130 West Broadway, Vancouver 604-872-7858 (rentals available)
    1341 Main St, N. Vancouver 604-990-4417 (rentals available)

    Climb On Equipment
    38165 2nd Avenue   Squamish, BC 604-892-2243

    Excess Backcountry - Whistler
    Suite 106-4154 Village Green, Whistler, 604-932-6409

    Escape Route
    40222 Glenalder Pl, Squamish, 604-892-3228
    113-4350 Lorimer Rd, Whistler