Seminar – Make Food Work for you w/ Kavanagh Danaher

There are a number of functional foods that can be very beneficial to climbers or mountain athletes in general who are putting repetitive strain on their body.  This workshop takes a look at probiotics and phytonutrients and their benefits to the climber.  We will look at how to increase your intake of these foods in your diet as well as how they will benefit you in recovering from stress you put on your body.

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FREE! Please pre-register online here, no payment or credit card required.
Sunday July 23rd from 11:00-12:30
Maximum of 40 people per seminar
  • This seminar is FREE, please pre-register online here. No payment or credit card required.
  • Location of the Free Academy Educational Seminars will be at the Squamish Junction Park, in downtown Squamish

  • Kavanagh Danaher is a Registered Dietitian who works with athletes to optimize their performance, prevent injuries or improve their fueling strategies during training, performance or recovery.