Seminar – Train like an Athlete

Presented by Jonathan Siegrist and Patrick Humphries
We can all improve our climbing performance by looking to the fundamental principles of training: good movement patterns, consistency and correcting our weaknesses. This seminar will discuss some specific exercises but more importantly, look at the principles that enable long term gain. The how and why behind the need to treat ourselves like athletes.

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FREE! Please pre-register online here, no payment or credit card required.
Sunday July 23rd from 12:45 - 2:30
Maximum of 40 people per seminar
  • This seminar is FREE, please pre-register online here. No payment or credit card required.
  • Location of the Free Academy Educational Seminars will be at the Squamish Junction Park, in downtown Squamish

  • Patrick Humphries is a CFES certified personal trainer and rock climbing strength coach. He believes that the biggest obstacle to long term improvements in performance are perceived physical limitations.

    Jonathan Siegrist: J-star needs no introduction! One of the world’s strongest sport climbers shares tips and trick, to get you climbing harder.