Mt Garibaldi, BC

Mount Garibaldi towers above the town of Squamish at 2,678 meters and is one of the most recognized peaks in the South Coast region. A dormant volcano, the finest climbing opportunities exist on the northern and eastern sides of Garibaldi, where the extensive glaciers and snowfields provide some great mountaineering.

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Guided climbs of Mt Garibaldi are arranged on a Custom basis. To request a full quote and more details, please review the Cost Details, select your preferred dates below and click on the "Check Availability" button. We will get back to you as soon as possible to finalize the details for your climb!

  • 2024 Costs:
      Cost for a 2-day climbing program with 1 ACMG Guide:
    • Group of 3 climbers (1:3 ratio) - $675/person + GST
    • Group of 2 climbers (1:2 ratio) - $875/person + GST
    • 1 climber (1:1 ratio) - $1,600/person + GST

      Cost for a 3-day climbing program with 1 ACMG Guide:
    • Group of 3 climbers (1:3 ratio) - $825/person + GST
    • Group of 2 climbers (1:2 ratio) - $1,175/person + GST
    • 1 climber (1:1 ratio) - $2,300/person + GST

      Cost for a 1-day climbing program with 1 ACMG Guide:
    • Contact our office to discuss options for a 1-day ascent

      All of the above costs include:
    • Guiding with ACMG Ski, Alpine, or Mountain Guides
    • all technical climbing equipment including harnesses, helmets, ropes, etc. (excluding crampons and mountaineering boots)
    • camping equipment if needed
    • road access fees (required for all travel to upper trailhead)
    • full pre-trip support from our office support staff and Guides

      Participants are responsible for the following unless otherwise arranged in advance:
    • transportation to/from the trailhead. The access road is a maintained but rough road requiring a 4x4 high clearance vehicle. A $100 access fee is collected on behalf of the local snowmobile club that maintains the road. Shuttle service can be arranged for added fees. Helicopter access can also be utilized for the Garibaldi climb (contact our office for full pricing details on the helicopter option).
    • food for participants. Food prep services can be provided at an added cost if requested.
    • personal equipment and clothing, unless otherwise pre-arranged (see Equipment List Tab)
    • tips or gratuities for guide
    Contact the Canada West Mountain School office for further details and costs regarding food, transportation options, and additional gear requests/rentals.

  • The typical 2-day ascent involves driving up the Brohm Ridge forestry road to treeline and then hiking for 3-4 hours to get to a base camp on the edge of the Warren Glacier. The afternoon is spent there practicing some basic glacier and snow travel skills in preparation for the climb.

    On Day-2 the team will get up for a pre-dawn start and head out between 4-5 am. Usually, our groups are on the summit by 9-10 am and then back down to camp by early afternoon. After a lunch break and packing up camp, you will hike back to the vehicles and down to Squamish by late afternoon/early evening.

    People who are new to climbing and rope systems often will do this as a 3-day trip. This format allows for Day-2 to be spent learning more skills for glacier travel, crevasse rescue, rope systems, use of crampons & ice axes, and general mountaineering skills. On this training day, you would spend most of your time out travelling around the glaciers and you will get to explore some amazing locations on the north side of Garibaldi. Day 3 would then be the summit day, the same itinerary as the 2-day climb.

    Climbing Mount Garibaldi requires extensive travel on glaciers and is best done when there is ample snow coverage. The most reliable dates are between mid-June up until late-August. Before this window the snow conditions are often too soft and there is a higher risk of avalanches; after this date in recent years there has been so much melt and glacial changes that the route is often in poor shape to climb safely by early September.

    Please stay in touch with us about the best climbing conditions for Mt Garibaldi; every season the conditions vary widely.

  • Please review this standard Mountaineering Equipment list. Canada West can help provide any added gear if needed - Mountaineering Program Gear List.

    Please prepare your gear with the goal of reducing the weight of your pack as much as possible. Plan on using the same personal clothing and camping equipment that you would take on an overnight backpacking trip. Your Base Camp on the Garibaldi climb will be in an alpine location and exposed to the weather.

    Plan for the worst which includes temperatures below the freezing level at night, and possible precipitation of rain and/or wet snow during the day. Please ensure your clothing and gear is suitable for these conditions.

    The technical gear required is listed on the Gear list but can be supplied if requested in advance. In regards to communal gear such as tents, stoves, and cookware, we can also supply this if needed.