South Chilcotins Wilderness – 2024

Join our lead Hiking Guide Dave Sarkany on this amazing multi-day wilderness backpacking adventure in the Dickson Range of the South Chilcotin Mountains of BC. Our small, independent team of hikers will start at the historic town of Goldbridge and strike out into a pristine region of BC that very few people even know exists, let alone have visited. This 7-day circuit traverse will take you through stunning alpine and sub-alpine wilderness that will be the highlight of your summer adventures!

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July 25 - July 31, 2024
    • Cost includes the following:
    • All guiding services with ACMG certified Guide
    • All Campsite and Wilderness camping fees if required
    • Satellite communication device with daily check-in available for each participant
    • All bear safety equipment including food hang and storage bags, bear deterrent
    • all emergency and first aid supplies
      Participants are responsible for the following:
    • All personal backpacking gear and clothing
    • camping gear - tents, stoves, cooksets, etc
    • All meals and snacks (breakfast, lunch and dinner) starting with lunch on day-1
    • Transportation to/from trailhead near Goldbridge, BC
    • Any costs associated with early departure are the responsibility of the participant
    • Tips and gratuities are not included
    • Cancellation insurance is recommended to protect your trip investment
  • This is a true wilderness multi-day backpacking adventure, experiencing some of the best hiking in Southwest BC with a small group of like-minded adventurers!

    Located in the Southern Chilcotin's in the Dickson Range near Goldbridge, BC, this wilderness route traverses up and through some of the most expansive alpine meadows, ridges, and valleys of the Coast Mountains. Surrounded by towering peaks and glaciers, the whole trip is a circuit starting from the Slim Creek valley and traveling through a series of high passes and around glaciers lakes, and rivers before traveling back down into the Slim again on the 7th day.

    This region is real wilderness - trails are few and far between and you are far more likely to see grizzly bears and goats before seeing any other people here.

    Throughout the trip you will be in the company of one of the top Guides in Canada, Dave Sarkany. A veteran of countless expeditions through the Coast Mountains, Dave has a wealth of experience with decades of hiking, ski touring, climbing, and kayaking. This traverse is one of his favorites that he has been returning to for over 24 years and he will keep you in awe with his knowledge of the region and his tales of adventures in the mountains as he safely guides you through this amazing landscape.

    Extra precautions will be taken during this trip to ensure all Covid-19 related concerns are addressed to reduce the risk of transmission and keep everyone healthy. Traveling in a wilderness region such as the Southern Chilcotins allows us to easily avoid crowds and other users; gives us space to ensure ample physical distancing is maintained; and, spending 7 days in a sub-alpine wilderness setting is likely one of the best ways to achieve physical, mental and emotional health during this pandemic!

  • Pre-Planning
    Prior to the trip dates, there will be a detailed package of pre-trip planning materials sent out to each participant with comprehensive advice on how to plan and pack for the Southern Chilcotin Wilderness traverse. In addition, trip planning will also take place through the Canada West Virtual Classroom, by email and phone calls with our staff and lead guide in advance of the trip dates, providing ample time and opportunity to ensure everyone is properly prepared.

    On the first day of the trip, the team will meet in the afternoon at Goldbridge, BC. This small historic down in the Chilcotins is a perfect starting point and can be reached by two separate roads - Highway 40 comes in from Lillooet to the east and is approx. 5.5 hours from Vancouver on a paved highway; and, the Hurley River Forest Service Road from the south via Whistler is about 4.5 hours from Vancouver, including 2 hours on gravel forestry roads. Participants are responsible for their own transportation to/from Goldbridge and the trailhead. The specific meeting time/location will be detailed closer to the trip dates but will be in the afternoon so people can plan to drive up on the same day.

    Once in Goldbridge, the team will head out to a road-accessible campsite located close to the trailhead to go over final gear checks and prepare for the hike. Your first evening will be spent there, enjoying a good meal and relaxing by the campfire!

    On Day-2 you will start out in the lower Slim Creek before heading into the heart of the Dickson Range up a side valley. Wildlife trails lead into the sub-alpine meadows surrounded by peaks and glaciers. Your evening camp will be located alongside one of the many streams or lakes.

    On Day-3 of the trip, you will start off traveling up through the broad valley systems, spending the next 4-days linking together meadows, lakes, ridges, and skirting glaciers and snowfields as you travel over high passes between each zone. Much of the travel will be off-trail, though non-technical. Wilderness camps will be located beside streams and lakes, almost for sure without any other people in sight.

    On the final day, you will travel back down the Slim Creek Valley and return to the trail-head, completing your amazing tour through the pristine wilderness of the Dickson Range. You will have time on the final day to drive back to Vancouver, or linger a bit longer and continue exploring in the Chilcotins!

  • The equipment required for the Southern Chilcotin Wilderness hiking trip is listed here:
    Backpacking Gear list

    In addition to the general guidance provided by this Backpacking Gear List, there will be a detailed package of pre-trip planning materials sent out to each participant in advance of the trip with comprehensive advice on how to plan and pack for the Southern Chilcotin Wilderness traverse. Trip planning will take place by email, Live Zoom session, and phone calls in advance as well, providing ample time and opportunity to ensure everyone is properly prepared.