Rock Rescue 2023

What will you do when your partner gets hurt half way up a climb? No one expects anything to go wrong, but if it should happen, are you prepared to deal with the situation? This 2-day rope rescue systems course gives you the confidence and technical skills to help you and your climbing partners deal with a variety of scenarios that you may encounter. Don’t just rely on luck – learn the skills to improve your margin of safety!

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Pre Requisites:
Experienced outdoor climber with good rope management skills. Outdoor lead experience is not essential though it is recommended.
  • What will you do when your partner gets hurt halfway up a climb? How would you safely lower someone off the Apron or any rock climb more than 50 meters up?

    The skills taught in this high-angle rope rescue skills course are essential for all climbers who are venturing into multi-pitch climbing, whether they are on the lead end of the rope or climbing second.

    This course emphasizes the practical aspects of technical rock rescue including escaping belay systems, raising/lowering systems, load transfer, rescue anchors, use of prussiks and ascenders, and rescue rappels.

  • The Rock Rescue Systems course is conducted in Squamish, BC, located approximately 1 hour by highway north of Vancouver. Participants will be responsible for getting to and from Squamish each day.

    The course meets at the Squamish Adventure Centre, located on the East side of Highway 99 just past the entrance to downtown Squamish. The climbing sites we use are in the Smoke Bluffs Park, all within a short walking distance of the Adventure Centre. You will meet your group at 0800, unless otherwise instructed.

    Squamish Adventure Centre Map:
  • Our Squamish Rock Rescue program is taught by some of the best climbers and Guides in Canada. All are certified by the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG) and each one has a passion for teaching that will inspire you in your climbing pursuits.

    Visit Guides and Instructors Page for complete details and background on each of our Guide Team.

  • Our Rock Rescue courses start at 0800 with a meeting of the climbing team and your guide. You will spend about 30 minutes going over course objectives, introductions, planning the day and finishing paperwork, then you will head directly to the Rescue training site.

      On the first day you will learn and review all aspects of high angle rope rescue systems:
    • review of anchor system construction for rescue
    • escaping belay systems
    • raising/lowering systems
    • load transfer
    • use of prussiks and ascenders

      The 2nd day of your course will focus on more complex scenarios as well as provide ample time to practice & refine your skills through repetition of scenarios.
    • review of all skills covered on day-1
    • ropes using prussiks & mechanical ascenders
    • rescue rappel options
    • multi-pitch considerations
    • complex lowering scenarios
    • further skills practice and training recomendations

    Throughout the course, you will have ample opportunity to practice the skills you are learning. With our low instructor-to-student ratio, you will benefit from direct and instant feedback from your Instructor.

  • Questions about Squamish Rock Rescue courses

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