Advanced Ice

If you are looking to push your Waterfall Ice Climbing grades! You can work on your mixed “dry-tooling” technique, refine leashless techniques, lead climbing skills or just get out on some new and challenging waterfall ice routes. This is conducted as a Custom program – you book your own dates, you tell us what type of ice climb you want to accomplish, and we will choose climbing routes matched to your ability.

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Advanced Ice is a Customized program, dates and costs are based on the number of people and days. Contact Canada West Mountain School to book a climb.
  • All the Guides and Instructors on our Ice Climbing programs are Certified through the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides and are among many of the top Ice Climbing guides in British Columbia. We ensure that you are being taught and guided by the best! For more details on the specific guides for your program, contact our office.
  • CWMS Gear List - Canada West Mountain School Ice Climbing Gear List

      The following personal equipment is required:
    • Boots - plastic or leather mountaineering boots
    • Crampons - adjusted to your boots (1 pr)
    • Day-pack (30-40 liters capacity, big enough to hold all gear for the day)
    • Hard shell outer layer jacket with hood - Gore-Tex style (1)
    • Full-zip pants or bibs - Gore-Tex style (1 pair)
    • Base layers - top & bottom, snythetic or wool
    • Climbing pants - fleece, pile, Schoeller, etc. (1 pr)
    • Gaiters, unless outer shell pants have built-in gaiters
    • Gloves (medium weight) - with leather or palms for grip
    • Expedition style gloves w/removable liners; plus, 1 extra pair of liners or gloves
    • Warm parka - down, fleece or pile
    • Sweater or vest - wool, fleece or down
    • Toque/warm hat - wool or fleece
    • Sunglasses
    • Ski goggles
    • Headlamp with extra set of batteries
    • Personal 1st aid (blister kit, medications, etc.)
    • Misc. personal items (camera, journal, etc.)
    • Water bottles w/insulation - minimum 1 litres
    • Small "thermos" for hot drinks
    • Knife - Swiss army style

    • Technical equipment(supplied by CWMS if required):
    • Technical climbing tools
    • Climbing harness - seat harness only
    • Helmet
    • 3 locking carabiners
    • 1 belay device

    In addition Canada West Mountain School supplies all ropes, ice climbing tools, ice screws, climbing anchor materials and other safety gear.

    Please go over this list before the course to ensure that you are properly prepared. Contact our office if you have any questions, and we can suggest places for you to purchase or rent. Keep in mind that you will be spending all of your time outdoors in the snow in very cold conditions (-10 to -20), and that the weather can vary from one extreme to the other. Ice climbing can be very wet as well, so be prepared with extra clothes. It is recommended that you also have a set of spare street clothes for the end of the course after you have left the mountains.

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