Top-Rope Anchors (2-day)

This comprehensive 2-day Top Rope Anchors and Systems course allows extra time to work on your skills while under the guidance of our ACMG Guides and Instructors. Building your own Top Rope Anchors is an essential skill for outdoor rock climbing and on this program, you will have ample time to learn the skill and practice them on a variety of climbs in the Smoke Bluffs of Squamish, BC. No rush, no stress – just a relaxed learning environment to perfect your skills in!

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1 course every month from April to October. Private dates are available on request.
Pre Requisites:
Previous climbing experience required, must be comfortable with basic knots and belaying techniques.
  • The Canada West Mountain School 2-day Top Rope anchors course held in Squamish is designed to help climbers develop a strong foundation of skills required for outdoor top-rope rock climbing in areas such as the Smoke Bluffs in Squamish and Skaha Bluffs in Penticton.

    Skills taught on the 2-day course are very similar to the 1-day Anchors course, but you will have much more time to practice and perfect these new skills under the supervision of our Instructors.

    Skills covered will include:
    Comprehensive review and practice of safety systems for a complete top-rope climbing system
    Anchor construction skills for top-rope climbing systems
    Belaying techniques for various climbing situations: top-down belays, belays for lead climbers, multi-pitch belay considerations, and use of different devices/methods
    Rappelling methods
    Introduction to Rock Rescue fundamentals
    Rock climbing technique development specific to outdoor climbing: slab/friction climbing, crack climbing, etc
    Route finding and guidebook interpretation

  • The Top-Rope Anchor Systems course is conducted in Squamish, BC, located approximately 1 hour by highway north of Vancouver. Participants will be responsible for getting to and from Squamish each day.

    The course meets at the Squamish Adventure Centre, located on the East side of Highway 99 just past the entrance to downtown Squamish. The climbing sites we use are in the Smoke Bluffs Park, all within a short walking distance of the Adventure Centre. You will meet your group at 0800, unless otherwise instructed.

    Squamish Adventure Centre Map:
  • Our Squamish Rock Top Rope anchor systems course is taught by some of the best climbers and Guides in Canada. All are certified by the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG) and each one has a passion for teaching that will inspire you in your climbing pursuits.

    Visit Guides and Instructors Page for complete details and background on each of our Guide Team.

  • Our Rock courses start at 0800 with a meeting of the climbing team and your guide. You will spend about 30 minutes going over course objectives, introductions, planning the day and finishing paperwork, then you will head directly to the climbing site.

    The first half of the day you will learn and review all aspects of outdoor top rope systems:

    • route selection and site safety
    • knots and hitches used in TR anchors
    • artificial and natural anchor construction (bolts, trees, gear, etc)
    • belaying and communication
    • rappelling
    • guide book interpretation

    The afternoon session will have each participant building Top Rope systems on a variety of different climbs. You will have an opportunity to practice and perfect all the new skills under direct supervision of your Instructor.

    The 2nd day of your course will focus on more complex scenarios as well as provide ample time to practice skills and build multiple anchors systems on your of all skills covered on day-1:

    • top-down belay techniques, direct anchor belays
    • re-directed anchors systems
    • TR considerations for overhanging and complex climbs
    • rappelling
    • further skills practice and training recommendations

    Throughout the course you will have ample opportunity to practice the skills you are learning. With our low instructor to student ratio you will benefit from the direct and instant feedback from your Instructor.

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