Wilderness First Responder – Re-cert  (3.5 days)

Is your current Wilderness First Responder (WFR) ticket close to expiring? Our WFR Re-Cert course allows you to extend your current Wilderness First Responder certification for up to 3 years. An intensive review of the WFR curriculum is combined with updates to treatment and protocols that have occurred within the industry and also includes a CPR “C” recert. Our approach is geared towards hands-on and practical reviews, with scenario-based lessons.

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Canada West Mountain School uses Wilderness Medical Consultants for all Wilderness 1st Aid courses


May 24-27, 2018

The WFR Re-Cert course is conducted over 3.5 days
  • Spring 2018 dates:
    May *24-27, 2018

    *Please note that the Day-1 Thursday session on March 24th will start at 4 pm, this is an evening session only for CPR recert

    On the remaining days of the WFR Re-cert course, the course will start at 8:00 am promptly, with most days completing by 5:00 pm. Some sessions may start at different times and be held in different field locations, this information will be covered during the first class session.

  • The WFR Re-cert course will be conducted in Squamish, BC. Specific locations will be announce closer to the date of the course.

  • The first full day of the WFR Re-cert course starts at 0800 and will finish around 5 pm. Each day after that will also start at 0800 and run until approx. 5 pm.

  • Questions about Wilderness First Responder (WFR) Re-Certification course

    Can I take the WFR Re-Cert if my existing WFR certificate is expired??

    How much time is spent outdoors?

    Which organizations and employers accept the Wilderness Medical Consultants "80-hr WFR Certificate"?

    Is there a minimum age for participants taking the WFR course?

    How much studying is required?

  • Wilderness Medical Consultants provides an online Student Manual for WFR, AWFA, Bridge and WFR Re-Cert courses - Online Student Manual

    Additionally, you will be provided a printed copy of this manual as well for the course.

    Canada West Mountain School Medical Disclosure Form - CWMS MEDICAL form

    Canada West Mountain School Waiver - CWMS Waiver

    Please bring a printed copy of each form to the first class.