Wilderness First Responder – Re-cert  (3 days)

Is your current Wilderness First Responder (WFR) ticket close to expiring? Our WFR Re-Cert course allows you to extend your current Wilderness First Responder certification for up to 3 years. An intensive review of the WFR curriculum is combined with updates to treatment and protocols that have occurred within the industry and also includes a CPR “C” recert. Our approach is geared towards hands-on and practical reviews, with scenario-based lessons.

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Canada West Mountain School uses Wilderness Medical Consultants for all Wilderness 1st Aid courses

October 6-8, 2017

The WFR Re-Cert course is conducted over 3 days. This is a very intensive course and includes evening studying and assignments.
  • The WFR Re-cert course will be conducted at the West Vancouver Cricket Club, located in Hugo Ray Park, 1290 Third Street, West Vancouver, BC. Practical field sessions will be held outdoors near the classroom, as well as at a variety of sites on the North Shore, and may require driving to get to some sites.

    The location for the West Vancouver Cricket Club is just off the north side of the Trans Canada Highway, on the west side of the Capilano River. Please check out the map below for the specific location:

  • The first full day of the WFR Re-cert course starts at 0800 and will finish around 5 pm. Each day after that will also start at 0800 and run until approx. 5 pm.

  • Questions about Wilderness First Responder (WFR) Re-Certification course

    Can I take the WFR Re-Cert if my existing WFR certificate is expired??

    How much time is spent outdoors?

    Which organizations and employers accept the Wilderness Medical Consultants "80-hr WFR Certificate"?

    Is there a minimum age for participants taking the WFR course?

    How much studying is required?

  • Wilderness Medical Consultants provides an online Student Manual for WFR, AWFA, Bridge and WFR Re-Cert courses - Online Student Manual

    Additionally, you will be provided a printed copy of this manual as well for the course.

    Canada West Mountain School Medical Disclosure Form - CWMS MEDICAL form

    Canada West Mountain School Waiver - CWMS Waiver

    Please bring a printed copy of each form to the first class.